Blog Prompt #15 – Blog as a Character

Blog Prompt #15 – Blog as a Character

Depending on how this goes, this might become a more regular feature of Boldly Reading.

So, here’s the idea. Write a blog post as if you were a character, completely in character. This can be a canon character, or your own original character. Or, if you get permission, it might even be someone else’s original character.

Because the calendar is changing, your subject is transitions. Don’t forget to answer as the character.

Blog Prompt #15 – Blog as a Character

Jadzia Dax (Photo credit: Tram Painter)

How do you handle them?

Do they frighten you? Inspire you? Sicken you? Amuse you?

Tell us about a memorable transition. Maybe one that went well.

Or, if you dare, one that didn’t go so well.

Bonus questions!

Let’s say you meet a character. It could be a canon person, or not. They might be from your universe, or not.

What would you tell them about a transition that they might be going through? How could you help them with it? Would you help them?

Thank you, characters!

We’ve got responses!

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