Blog Prompt #6 – Writing Complex Evil Characters

Blog Prompt #6 – Writing Complex Evil Characters

We are going to shift to fortnightly blog prompts (about twice per month or so), in order to provide lots of time to cogitate and create.

This post, if you wish, may or may not dovetail with this month’s book club selection, Paving Stones Made From Good Intentions. Or strike out on your own with your answers, if you prefer.

With the recent death of the talented Michael Ansara, the Trek universe loses the man who brought to life a character that was, perhaps, the first three-dimensional Klingon, Kang.

Blog Prompt #6 – Writing Complex Evil Characters

Michael Ansara as Kang

In Day of the Dove, Kang isn’t just out to fight the bad old humans. Instead, he listens to reason.

And so our newest prompt asks – how do you write evil characters who are not mere caricatures? Do you find ways to garner sympathy, even for the wicked (or the devil, perhaps?)? Do you surprise your readers by turning a character from good to evil, or evil to good? How grey is the shading?

Bonus questions!

  1. Which evil characters have you enjoyed writing the most?
  2. Which evil character, created by another author, have you enjoyed reading the most?
  3. Which canon evil character do you enjoy watching or reading the most?


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