Boldly Reading Book Club #8 – Lower Deck Tales: Celestial Fire

Boldly Reading Book Club #8 – Lower Deck Tales: Celestial Fire

Our next Boldly Reading Book Club selection is CeJay’s Lower Deck Tales: Celestial Fire . The story is rated T. There is a warning for violence.

Introducing Lower Deck Tales: Celestial Fire

Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire, called conscience.

~ George Washington

The Characters

The cast is small, and easy to follow. After an introduction of the conflict with its attendant press conference, we meet the family. There’s Kerra and Vince Owens and their son, Rhory. Kerra and Rhory are involved with Starfleet. Afterwards, we follow Rhory and his less than conventional position and tasks. I won’t go into details so as to avoid spoilers but suffice it to say that Rhory does have coworkers.

Talking Points

Stories about wartime, its consequences and its squishy morality can be rather satisfying to read and hard to forget.

Were the conflicts believable? What about Rhory’s choices? Did they make sense in the grand scheme of things?

What was the climax of the story? Did it devolve to a satisfactory conclusion?

What happens right after the curtain comes down on the story? Where would you take these characters – and this situation – next?

So all that remains is to get Reading, get Reviewing and get Ready for Discussion.
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