Blog Prompt #9 – AUs, Original Characters and Settings

Blog Prompt #9 – AUs, Original Characters and Settings

The Trek universe is wide-ranging and varied, and there are hundreds if not thousands of canon characters, races, planets, ships and scenarios.

What happens when authors take it to another level?

Original characters can be fine examples, with multiple dimensions, believable personality traits and compelling back stories. Or they can be reincarnations of Mary Sue.

Original settings can be truly unique and interesting. Or, they can be thinly veiled canon with a fresh coat of paint.

To those ends, what do you think of using original characters and settings in fan fiction?

  • What’s the best setting for an original character? Is it as a lone figure, thrust into a canon ship or situation? In a group of original characters but still in a canon ship, situation or series? Or as a stand-alone crew, group, political party or other agglomeration of individuals?
  • When do original characters and scenarios tip the scale from new spins on familiar works to out and out non-Trek? Is there a bright line between Star Trek and not-Star Trek?
  • How can original character love interests be integrated into a more canon scenario? What about original character leaders?
  • For canon characters who have very little back story or screen (or authorized book) time, what’s the tipping point between when canon converts into what is, for all intents and purposes, an original character?
  • For representations of canon characters in fan fiction that are not well-portrayed (e. g. the author misses the mark and does not accurately represent the canon character’s language, ideals, vision, etc.), can the situation be salvaged by rewriting the story with an original character?
  • For original settings, what makes them unique? Can an original setting be so extraordinary that it, in a way, almost becomes a nonliving type of Mary Sue?

Bonus questions!

  • Who are some of your favorite original characters that you have created? Do you feel they fulfill their purposes?
  • What happens when you take a Mary Sue test?
  • What are some of your favorite original settings that you have created? Did they work?
  • Who else’s original characters do you enjoy reading the most, and why?
  • Are there others’ original settings that you like reading the most? What makes those original settings your favorites?


Blog Prompt #9 – AUs, Original Characters and Settings